Women Network for Energy and Environment (WoNEE), Nepal is a National Network of 32 grassroots women groups from 19 districts of Nepal. WoNEE is being engaged in strengthening the role of women in energy and environment sector. WoNEE is working since 2015 AD in this sector for promoting public awareness of energy and environment from the grassroots village to the capital city Kathmandu at the centre. WoNEE works focusing mainly on building the capacity of women for their effective participation in the energy, promoting enterprises and employment based on energy, increasing women’s access on the investment opportunity and benefit sharing of this sector. Although WoNEE is registered as an autonomous non-profit organization in 2018 AD at Government of Nepal, it was working as women wing of Nepal Energy Foundation since its inception in 2015 AD.


Women Network for Energy and Environment WoNEE Nepal contribute to become the premier women’s network that promotes the professional growth and success of women in the energy and environment sector.


WoNEE’s mission is to advance and support the best policies, practices, products, technology that will ensure to promote the role of women in the energy and environment sector of Nation through:
• Promoting the effective role of women in the energy sector.
• Guiding and providing training to inspire young women in this field
• Lobbing and advocating for making Gender friendly Energy and Environment Policy
• Building the capacity of women in the technical and managerial skills.


Goals and objectives
• To advocate for gender-friendly energy policy, program and budget
• To lobby for investment and benefits opportunity.
• To build the capacity of women in energy and the environment.
• To raise awareness on Electrical Safety, Productive use and Energy Efficiency.
• To educate and encourage women for energy based skills and employment.