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Women Network for Energy and Environment has conducted ‘Didi Bahini Basic Electricity Education Campaign’ in different wards and municipalities. The campaign aims to educate and encourage women for energy based skill and employment by giving theoretical and practical knowledge. The training has ultimate goal to make familiar about the daily based electrical equipment and its simple repairmen.  It was focused to the women from local areas and they have discussions on the new technologies, decision making process, and involvement in the different activities. This kind of activities helps them to develop self confidence in the discussions and to enhance the new knowledge. Women are the most users of household energy so they need special education to minimize the electrical hazards. Women's are always dis empowered with new technology and deprived from the participation in the meetings, discussions and other decision making process. This campaign works as information to those who did not have a basic knowledge about the electricity and it also helps to women who are interested to do more in the electricity sector. So this kind of campaign would be fruitful for the women empowerment. The participants were very interested and had desire to learn more. For that this training could be a base for the further more days training to advance their knowledge in the energy sector.      
Awareness raising