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Green Climate Fund (GCF) projects
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Green Climate Fund (GCF) projects

Nwalparsi, Kavre and Kathmandu

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WoNEE conducted A national workshop on GCF and gender mainstreaming in Nepal on November 26, 2018 at Kathmandu. The chief guest, Minister of Forest and Environment Shakti BahadurBasnet inaugurated the workshop and express an appreciation to the organizer for raising the problem in relation to environment and also focusing on the women’s right. He also highlighted that while talking about environment we should talk both; possibilities and challenges so that helps in the process of development. The impact of Climate change is high in Nepal and the government is considering problem from all side and all aspects of society. In his view, mainstreaming is possible at the same time necessary in relation to gender equality.
The director of CIPRED, Dr. Pasang Dolma Sherpa clarified the policies especially Gender Policy on GCF and action plan, opportunities and challenges while mainstreaming the gender in Nepal. She asserts that women and men will equally contribute to adaptation and mitigation activities financed by the fund. This also indicates the women participation is equally important in relation to men. She adds, civil societies and project developer should have balanced vision to look the gender issue.
The chairperson of WoNEE Kala Timalsina has presented the outcome of field study, 2018 about the gender policy and gender balance of national development authorities (NDA). From the field report she indicates no gender balance in the development process as only few women are involved in consultation process of the GCF project. She also presented the conclusion of field study which shows that GCF plays a vital role in adaptation of women’s livelihood that is impacted due to climate change.


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Organizer: National Workshop
Event Venue: Nwalparsi, Kavre and Kathmandu
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